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Health Care Compliance

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Compliance with statutory and administrative regulation is crucial to the ongoing success of every health care provider.  Hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and skilled nursing facilities share a need for a comprehensive internal system that implements and documents effective compliance procedures to protect against civil exposure and criminal liability.

Failure to implement and demonstrate corporate regulatory compliance can result in civil liability, punitive fines, and even criminal prosecution.  Lack of a response plan to government inquiry can injure corporate financial health, divert resources from patient care, and damage a provider’s reputation.

We offer a comprehensive array of compliance services, such as:

Criminal Defense

A criminal proceeding can have very serious consequences.  Criminal charges can expose an individual to significant loss of income, damage to reputation, and even imprisonment.  Our Firm understands that an aggressive, thorough and professional legal response is critical to preparing an effective legal defense.
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Likewise, corporate interactions with law enforcement agencies can create significant distractions to corporate productivity.  Corporate compliance has become a key charging consideration for federal prosecutors and an important sentencing consideration for companies convicted of violating federal law.  With increased regulations and the passage of PPACA, it has become easier for prosecutors to charge and convict corporations.

We offer legal defense services against allegations of criminal conduct such as:

Economic Crimes:

Computer and internet based crimes:

Violent crimes:

Traffic crimes and civil infractions:

Drug related crimes:

Other criminal defense areas: