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Florida Medical License–Common Patient Complaints

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

At Matthews Law Firm, P.A., we practice health law and deal with medical licensing issues in Florida.  A common question we receive from those in the field is ‘What are the most common patient complaints filed with the department?’

Typically, when a patient files a complaint with the Department of Health, the reasons include one or more of the following (note: this is NOT an exhaustive list):


  • Quality of care
  • Misdiagnosis of condition
  • Substance abuse
  • Advertising violation
  • Unlicensed practice
  • Inappropriate prescribing
  • Sexual contact with patient
  • Insurance fraud
  • Misfilled prescription
  • Excessive test or treatment
  • Failure to release patient records
  • Impairment/medical condition
  • Patient abandonment or neglect

Usually, the department will not get involved with the following types of complaints:

  • Fee disputes
  • Billing disputes
  • Personality conflicts
  • Bedside manner or rudeness

Being aware of the most common patient complaints can help a health practitioner adhere to proper standards of care and better protect his or her medical license.

(Disclaimer: This post is not intended as legal advice nor does it create an attorney-client relationship.)