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Florida Traffic Law: 3 Crashes Within 3 years

Friday, July 8th, 2011

A fairly new and unknown Florida traffic law has added hurdles for those involved in multiple crashes to keep their driver’s licenses.  The law applies to those drivers who are involved in 3 crashes within 36 months (sometimes referred to as the “3 in 3” law).  The law can be found at Fla. Stat. 322.0261(3) and reads:

With respect to an operator convicted of, or who pleaded nolo contendere to, a traffic offense giving rise to a crash identified in paragraph (1)(c), the department shall require that the operator, in addition to other applicable penalties, attend a department-approved driver improvement course in order to maintain his or her driving privileges.  The course must include behind-the-wheel instruction and an assessment of the operator’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.  Successful completion of a behind-the-wheel examination is required in order to receive completion credit for the course.  If the operator fails to complete the course within 90 days after receiving notice from the department, the operator’s driver’s license shall be canceled by the department until the course is successfully completed.

This is an important consideration to know at the time of a plea, as a judge may or may not notify you in court that in order to keep your license, you must take the specialized driver improvement course within 90 days of notice from the DMV.

(Disclaimer: This post does not constitute legal advice nor does it create an attorney-client relationship.  If you have been cited for a crash-related offense, or are having issues obtaining or maintaining your driver’s license, please consult a qualified attorney.)