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That’s A Crime?–Simulated Bullfights

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

This is Part 5, and the final post, in a series of blogs related to obscure and perhaps unknown Florida criminal laws.

In Florida, it is illegal to conduct a simulated bullfight.

Fla. Stat. 828.121 reads:  It shall be unlawful, and punishable as a misdemeanor, for any person to conduct or engage in a simulated or bloodless bullfighting exhibition.


A Westlaw search revealed no case law citing this statute.

Possible Legal Issues:

  • Note the penalty for this charge is classified as a “misdemeanor”, without clarifying whether it’s a first degree or second degree charge.
  • The statute does not say whether the bull has to be a real animal.  Would it apply to someone dressed in a bull costume?
  • How far does one have to go to have a “simulated” bullfight exhibition?  Is it enough to wave a red flag at a real or fake bull?  Is a crowd necessary?

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