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New Health Law Legislation in Florida

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

If you follow health law news in Florida, you may be interested in the following 3 bills.


HB 0863  Relating to Emergency Medical Services Training Programs in Pinellas County (Full text can be read here.)

Provides that majority of field internship experience provided for paramedic students by paramedic program located in Pinellas County may be done aboard advanced life support permitted vehicle other than ambulance if certain other requirements are met.

HB 0895  Relating to Sale or Lease of a County, District, or Municipal Hospital (Full text can be read here.)

Provides for sale or lease of county, district, or municipal hospital is subject to approval by CFO or registered voters; requires hospital governing board to determine by certain public advertisements whether there are qualified purchasers or lessees before sale or lease of such hospital; requires board to state in writing specified criteria forming basis of its acceptance of proposal for sale or lease of hospital; requires board to pay costs associated with petition for approval unless party contests action; provides for deposit, appropriation, & use of proceeds from sale or lease; authorizes special hospital or other health care taxing district to tax or appropriate funds to county economic development trust fund in order to promote economic growth in such district & county.

HB 0901  Relating to Health Insurance (Full text can be read here.)

Requires individual accident or health insurance policies, group, blanket, or franchise accident or health insurance policies, & health maintenance contracts to provide specified coverage for orthoses, prostheses, orthotics, & prosthetics benefits; specifies deductible & copayment requirements; authorizes insurers & HMO’s to specify benefits limitations; provides for nonapplication to specified policy & contract coverages.

All three bills were filed on December 5, 2011.

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